AMPPA - Aree Marine Protette e Pesca Artigianale Gestione integrata attraverso la sensibilizzazione ed educazione ambientale

Project in Numbers

Duration: 30 mounths

Start Date: 09.11.2020

End Date: 08.05.2023

Partner N.: 5

Project progress:

Total Budget: 1.840.000 €
ERDF Contribution of which: 1.564.000 €

The AMPPA project aims to create a new management tool for Marine Protected Areas (MPA), in consideration of the crucial role for the protection of the marine environment and for the sustainable development of coastal and marine areas, as the driving forces of the integration between resource protection needs and development needs of coastal communities.

The tool proposed by the project is an integrated management of MPAs that directly involves all operators (public bodies, anglers, citizens, tourists, etc.) also through awareness-raising and environmental education actions.


Expected results:
+224.75 sq km of sites and marine protected areas that develop joint actions for the protection of biodiversity (of which MPA Egadi Islands 53.941 sq km, MPA Ustica Island 15.623 sq km, The North East Marine Protected Area 155.19)


Risultati Attesi:
+224,75 Kmq di siti e aree marine protette che sviluppano azioni congiunte per la tutela della biodiversità (di cui AMP Isole Egadi Kmq 53,941, AMP Isola di Ustica Kmq 15,623, The North East Marine Protected Area 155,19)

AMPPA proposes a correct management of the marine protected areas concerned  through:

1) raising awareness and environmental education of operators and users

2) the implementation and adaptation of a method of Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Management that will result in the drafting of the "Implementing regulation and organization of the MPA", aimed at regulating in detail the activities allowed within the MPA


The project activities will carry out:

- 30 information and awareness-raising and animation days
- 3 laborators and educational paths
- 1 communication campaign on social networks
- 3 EEC (Environmental Education Centers) set up and/or strengthened
- 1 cross-border environmental information centre
- 3 experimental fishing campaigns
- 3 training/information courses for the diversification of fishing activity
- + 224,754 sq km of marine protected areas developing joint actions for the protection of biodiversity


Project Lead Partner:

Comune di Favignana


Project Partners:

Dipartimento della Pesca Mediterranea - Servizio 4 Sviluppo Locale

Comune di Ustica

Gharb Local Council

Ghajnsielem Local Council





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    AMPPA Project – Steering Committee of April 2022

    Comune di Favignana- Ente gestore dell’Area Marina Protetta “Isole Egadi”

    Piazza Europa, 3- 91023 Favignana


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