Managing Authority

Managing Authority shall carry out the functions laid down in Art. 125 of the CRP in accordance with the principle of sound financial management except those foreseen in point (a) of Article 125(4).

The Managing Authority provides support to the Monitoring Committee, draws up annual and final implementation reports, and makes information available to beneficiaries. The Managing Authority is also in charge of recording data on each operation for monitoring, evaluation, financial management, verification and audit. As regards the selection of operations, the Managing Authority draws up and, once approved, applies appropriate selection procedures and criteria that are non-discriminatory and transparent. It informs beneficiaries of the conditions for support and makes sure, with the assistance of the participating countries, where possible, that they have the administrative, financial and operational capacities before the selection of an operation.

Regione Siciliana

Dipartimento regionale della Programmazione

Piazza Luigi Sturzo n. 36, 90139 Palermo

Vincenzo Falgares – General Director

Tel: +39 091 7070032


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Area 7 – Gestione programmi per la cooperazione territoriale europea e la cooperazione sovranazionale



Daniela Segreto – Manager of the Area

Tel: +39 091 7070033



Vincenza Verro - Executive Instructor

Tel: +39 091-7070047


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