JOBMATCH 2020 – Centro di Cooperazione Transfrontaliero "Job Match 2020"


Project in Numbers

Duration: 33 months

Start date: 16.05.2018

End Date: 15.02.2021

Partner N.: 4

Project progress:

Total Budget: 637.155 €
of which ERDF Contribution: 541.582€

JOB MATCH 2020 addresses the problem of the loss of competitiveness of the cross-border area, improving the effectiveness of the labour market in Sicily and Malta and favouring the mobility of workers

The project aims to give solutions to an area characterized by low internal demand, increased poverty and social inequalities, brain drain and weakening of the productive sector, youth and female unemployment, aging, non-collaborative companies in the R&I sector, inadequately trained human capital, low incidence of open innovation

Expected Results:
An Italo-Maltese cross-border cooperation center for employment that will ensure at least 20 workers participating in the work experience during the start-up phase

The project helps in providing services such as counselling, tutoring, recruiting, human resources management and in promoting memoranda of understanding to facilitate the cross-border mobility of workers

Project activities will realize:

1 Analysis report on the Italo-Maltese labour market

1 Cross-border centre for work

2 Memoranda of understanding to promote cross-border mobility with the involvement of public and private subjects

20 Work experience initiatives for young workers in the two areas

10 Italian and Maltese companies involved in work experience initiatives

1 Web portal for the provision of counselling, tutoring, recruiting, human resources management services



Project Lead Partner:

Collegio Universitario di Merito ARCES

Project Partners

Arancia Innovation Consulting Technology s.r.l.

Malta Vocational Centre

Maltese Italian Chamber of Commerce



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