NATIFLIFE - A Network of Assistive Technology for an Independent and Functional Life

Project in Numbers

Duration: 29 month

Start date: 11.05.2018

End Date: 10.10.2020

 Partner N.: 7

Project progress:

Total Budget: 956.485 €
ERDF Contribution: 788.354 €

NATIFLIFE addresses the problem of the increasing demand for autonomy on the part of elderly people and/or people with physical disabilities to whom offer an integrated assistive technology system, compatible with traditional and innovative solutions

The project develops robotic assistance systems in domestic environment to allow elderly and/or people with reduced mobility to continue living in their own homes, helping to improve their independence, encouraging and facilitating daily activities and ensuring safety, monitoring and support

Expected Results:
N. 10 enterprises which will adopt the developed new technologies, namely Innovative Assistive Technologies and Services

The project aims to improve the autonomy of end users, encouraging de-hospitalization, proximity to families, with a significant reduction in costs

Project activities will realize:

N. 2 reinforced research centres (Catania, Malta) with facilities to develop innovative research

N. 2 equipped pilot sites in Catania and Malta equipped with the assistive technologies

N. 10 enterprises implementing news methodology, technology and services for assistive domotics

N. 1 integrated platform of assistive technologies

Project Lead Partner:

Università degli Studi di Catania Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica Elettronica e Informatica


Project Partners:

VITECO – Vitale Tecnologie Comunicazione S.r.l.

Salupo s.a.s.

Helios s.r.l

University of Malta - Department of Communications and Computer Engineering and Department of Computer Science

Paragon Europe Limited



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