MOVE ON – Mobilità transfrontaliera attraverso l’erogazione di voucher

Project in Numbers

Duration: 30 mounths

Start Date: 02.11.2020

End Date: 01.05.2023

Partner N.: 2

Project progress:

Total Budget: 2.840.000,00 €
ERDF Contribution of which: 2.414.000,00 €

The "MOVE ON" project aims to promote a better equilibrium in the cross-border labour market by supporting cross-border mobility pathways for young people and recent graduates.

In particular, the project will promote job placement internships, through the provision of vouchers and related support services (administrative, management, user assistance, promotion, information, dissemination and capitalization of results).

The recipients of mobility vouchers will be identified through a public-evidence procedure and will fall into the following categories: not-employed, unemployed, disadvantaged people.

Expected results:
Provision of 100 vouchers for cross-border mobility paths for employment internships of young and new graduates located in in the cooperation area (approximately 75 in Sicily and 25 in Malta)

Theoverall objective of the project is to promote employment opportunities for young people by promoting mobility processes within the cross-border area.

The project activities will carry out:

- 100 internships at 50 micro, small and medium-sized enterprises
- 2 national agreements between companies and stakeholders participating in the project
- 1 cross-border network between companies and stakeholders participating in the project

Project Lead Partner:

ASS.FOR.SEO. Società Consortile ar.l.


Project Partners:

HERMES Corporation Limited

Associated Partners:

1-Università degli Studi di Palermo – Dipartimento di Scienze Psicologiche, Pedagogiche, dell’Esercizio fisico e della Formazione

2-Sicindustria – Associazione Industriali delle Province di Agrigento, Caltanissetta, Enna, Messina, Palermo, Ragusa, Trapani

3-Camera di Commercio Industria Artigianato e Agricoltura di Palermo ed Enna

4-Istituto di Formazione Politica “Pedro Arrupe” – Centro Studi Sociali

5-Centro Siciliano Sturzo

6-North Harbour Ltd.

7-Platinum Development Ltd.

8-ST Hotels Ltd.

9-ST Properties Ltd.

10-Regione Siciliana – Assessorato della famiglia, delle politiche sociali e del lavoro – Dipartimento della famiglia e delle politiche sociali



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