ENISIE- Enabling Network-based Innovation through Services and Institutional Engagement


Project in Numbers

Duration: 52 months

Start date: 12.02.2018

End Date: 30.06.2022

Partner N.: 4

Project progress:

Total Budget: 2.321.017 €
ERDF Contribution of which: 1.972.865 €

ENISIE faces the problem of the asymmetry of socio-economic development to accelerate the processes of innovation in crucial areas on both sides of the cross-border territories

The project intends to promote the creation and strengthening of businesses (micro, small and medium) in the cross-border area in the sectors of social enterprise and corporate social responsibility through the experimentation of new services to social business, the promotion of contexts and social innovation practices, the consolidation of a cross-border platform dedicated to social innovation and the promotion of targeted public and institutional awareness-raising actions on the subject

Expected Results:

8 enterprises that activate cross-border commercial operations and create work for n. 12 new employees
ENISIE affronta il problema dell’asimmetria di sviluppo socio economico per accelerare i processi di innovazione in ambiti nevralgici dei due versanti dei territori transfrontalieri

The project intends to involve and stimulate decision-makers to initiate reform processes in line with the Europe 2020 objectives through an integrated approach addressed to support social innovation

Project activities will realize:

14 new and existing companies that benefit from experimental services for increasing social innovation and social business

10 capacity building courses and strengthening of management skills and enhancement of innovation realities

4 companies that benefit from experimental services for access to credit and microfinance

1 cross-border platform for the digitization of support services between Malta and Sicily, including resource repositories and funding opportunities

1 proposal for revision of the legislation in the field of innovation

1 an awareness campaign aimed at stakeholders (entrepreneurs and companies, philanthropy, local authorities, volunteering, financial institutions, etc.)

Enisie aimed at providing immediate support in the post emergency COVID-19. The specific intent is to provide support, which can greatly help cover widespread needs as much as the recovery of economies in a new cross-border perspective through two strands of intervention.

A prevalent part, consisting of accompanying services that will guarantee both the restoration of the business plan and the identification of the needs of the entities and companies within their reference sectors.

A residual part represented by measures of direct and rapid support to companies and entities, through the provision of funds for a quick-impact project and small-scale project directly provided by the ENISIE project partners and aimed at covering the immediate needs of supplies and services to allow companies to overcome the crisis.

Actions are addressed to key sectors in mitigating damage due to the COVID crisis:

The HEALTH sector deals with the fundamental services to the person and social services, also linked to the new poverty and new phenomena of social exclusion deriving from the COVID crisis

The FOOD sector that remained stable during the lockdown phase discovering new potentiality, linked to the direct and local distribution chains, to a rethinking the short supply chain and a renewed awareness of the digitization of transactions

The TOURISM sector, which is suffering from the pandemic consequences, needs more than other sectors specific services to redesign their business plan in order to resist and regenerate its own value proposition, including a partial or total transition to other tertiary sectors

Outputs foreseen are:

Post-COVID Help-desk, for the recovery or start-up of entities (profit or non-profit)

+100 companies or entities (or aspiring ones) involved in a process of accompanying and cross-border co-design for the reorganization of its services in a post COVID perspective

+50 companies or entities (actual or potential) benefiting from additional support for the creation of a "Post-COVID blueprint", or the joint definition of a path of restructuring and relaunching activities.

Effective delivery of "quick impact service", that is innovative services more appropriate in the post COVID perspective, to +30 organizations (profit and non-profit)

Realization of an impact assessment and presentation of the results aimed at strengthening the measures of support and risk analysis of companies operating in the ENISIE project sectors

Project Lead Partner:

Tree s.r.l.

Project Partners:

The Hub Sicilia Società Cooperativa

Malta Enterprise

Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector


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