BYTHOS EXTEND- Biotechnologies for Human Health and Blue Growth -EXTEND

Project in Numbers

Duration: 9 months

Start date: 02.01.2023

End Date: 30.09.2023

N. Partner: 3

Project progress:

Total Budget: 548.415,60€
of which ERDF Contribution: € 466.153,26

BYTHOS –EXTEND proposes the capitalization of the results of the BYTHOS project and, based on the knowledge acquired, obtain additional results in the reuse of re-use of fish waste from the fisheries sector.

The project aims to develop a mobile fish residue automated processing unit (FRAP) capable of integrating the innovative biotechnological supply chain and facilitating a circular economy of the use of residues from the fishing industry of Sicily and Malta.

FRAP modifies fish waste until stable products (e.g. fish meal and oils) are obtained for subsequent processing, that can be stored at room temperature, avoiding the use of freezing.

The innovative processing is particularly suitable for smaller islands, small ports and SMEs where the amount of waste produced is not sufficient to justify an investment in industrial processing facilities.

The FRAP will be built by the University of Palermo and located on the island of Lipari at the BYTHOS laboratory, where a fresh waste collection system will be organized. The extraction protocols developed by BYTHOS will be applied to the silage product for the production of high added value products aimed at new "takers".

FRAP will be used in Malta in jellyfish processing. With this process, a profitable use of FRAP will be tested for an effective management of their proliferation.

All products obtained will be subjected to mercury testing to ensure human health.

Expected results:

N. 2 companies that adopt innovative FRAP technologies and services through agreements between the organic waste company and the Municipality of Lipari
N. 1 FRAP mobile unit to integrate the circular economy chain in the use of fishery products
N. 5 key takers identified and participating in the demonstration of the processing system and the FRAP unit

The project aims to promote the sustainable management of marine resources and the production of the circular economy in the fishing industry and catering services in Sicily and Malta, thus minimizing the risks associated with waste to the environment and strengthening biotechnology applied to life sciences (KET) in the cross-border area..

Project activities will realize:

1 creation of FRAP mobile units

2  systems for collecting fish residues in a small community

10 companies and organisations using the FRAP unit/collection system

2 set of high value added products of the FRAP unit


Project Lead Partner:

  • Università degli Studi di Palermo – Dipartimento di Tecnologie e Scienze Biologiche, Chimiche e Farmaceutiche
  • Project Partners:

    • University of Malta, Faculty of Science/Department of Geosciences
    • Comune Di Lipari


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