MICRO WATTS - Micro WAstewaTer Treatment System using Photocatalytic Surfaces

Project in Numbers

Duration: 41 month

Start date: 15.05.2018

End Date: 14.10.2021

Partner N.: 6

Project progress:

Total Budget: 2.415.048 €
ERDF Contribution:1.984.012 €

MICROWATTS addresses the problem of water scarcities that characterize both Sicily and Malta through highly technological and eco-friendly solutions related to water recycling

The project involves the development of a micro-structured system for water treatment, with the aim of converting gray water into water at the second degree of purity

Expected Results:
10 enterprises in Malta and Sicily installing the technology, namely the photocatalytic filtering system (PFS) developed at cross-border level

The project aims to find highly technological and eco-friendly solutions to enhance a water efficient use

Project activities will realize:

1 photocatalytic surface area, mineral and polymer based

6 Solar Collector Units

2 Innovative greywater treatment systems

9 Sicilian researchers involved in mobility actions to widen their knowledge in mechanical design, control systems and electronics

40 selected enterprises in Malta and Sicily receiving dedicated advice on eco-innovative water treatment system

Project Lead Partner:

University of Malta - Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering


Project Partners:

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Istituto per la Microelettonica e Microsistemi

Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology

Università degli Studi di Catania - Dept. Biological Geological Environmental Sciences

Econetique Ltd

Plastica Alfa srl



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