Axis 1 – Innovation & Research

The enhancement of R&I is one of the main challenge of the cross-border area

Through this axis the programme aims to strengthen the innovative capacity of the actors in the cross- border area

Innovation offer and demand matching will be more enhanced through the activation of project and collaboration networks between the world of research and production areas of the territory (clusters, industrial districts, universities, public and private research institutes, SMEs, individual and / or associated social innovators, incubators, etc.)

The technologically advanced sectors which the Programme tries to strenghten specialization in, are:

micro and nano-systems
applied research to human health

The creation of a demand for structured innovation is addressed in the areas of "cultural heritage" and "quality of life and health of citizens"

Within Axis 1 investment priority 1b shall be implemented in order to increase the impact and the effectiveness of the funded actions towards contributing to the achievement of the thematic objective:

TO1 Strengthening research, technological development and innovation


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