CrossWork – Cross-border network for mobility of workers 

Project in Numbers

Duration: 24 mesi

Start Date: 21.06.2021

End Date: 20.06.2023

N. Partner: 3

Project progress:

Total Budget : 1.016.484,19 €
di cui FESR Contribution : € 864.011,56

The CrossWork project aims to create a virtuous cross-border mechanism that can contribute to the development of the competitiveness of MSMEs, to the improvement of employment, to the increase in the rate of socio-economic inclusion of young people and to stimulate cross-border interaction between the priority economic sectors (blue economy, health and quality of life, environmental protection, services for sustainable tourism), the Italian and Maltese labor market and stakeholders.

The general objective is to finance cross-border mobility, in a context where the Sicilian market is characterized by unemployment at high levels and with qualified units looking for growing employment, while for the Maltese one the situation is reversed, a very low unemployment rate, with growing demands for the workforce.

The CrossWork project will promote the cross-border mobility of young people and recent graduates, activating 36 internships for the not employed, unemployed or disadvantaged through financial support instruments and will create and consolidate an effective network able to facilitate the mobility of workers in the program area

Expected Results:
Activation of 36 work placement vouchers and 1 Mobility Network


The general objective of the project is to create a cooperation network supported by at least 4 Helpdesks that will facilitate work placement and the promotion of labor mobility in the cross-border area.

The project activities will carry out:

n. 36 Work Placements activated at SMEs
n. 7 Events organized in the cross-border area
n. 36 Information Kit
n. 1 Guide on Cross-border Mobility
n. 1 Activated network that supports the meeting between demand and supply of cross-border labour
n. 1 Collection of Mobility Best Practices
n. 1 CrossWork Platform + n.1 IT tool for connection between partners
n. 4 Heldesk

Project Lead Partner:

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Project partners:

Istituto Professionale di Stato “Principi Grimaldi”

Creolabs LTD (no more partner since October 2022)

Malta Chamberr of SMEs



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