Progetto JobMatch 2020 – Short List upgrading- Application submission

The Collegio Universitario ARCES, partner of the JobMatch 2020 project, has published a notice aimed at upgrading the short list of consultants and/or experts for the... Leggi di più

Questionnaire “Profit, Not-for-Profit and Start-Ups organizations’ competitiveness of the Italia-Malta cross-border cooperation Programme”

Dear Organisation, The Programme Authorities of the Italy Malta Programme invite you to take part in the "Profit, Not-for-Profit and Start-Ups organizations’ competitiveness of the Italia-Malta... Leggi di più

ENISIE Project – WP4 Activities- Public Notice for selection procedure

Tree S.r.l.  ENISIE Project Lead Partner  published a selection procedure within WP4 for Design and Feasibility activities for system structural logistical upgrading. The ENISIE project is... Leggi di più

Upgrade of the Italian long lists of first level controller

With decree n. 607 / SV DRP of 30 September 2020,  the "Long List di Revisori/controllori del Programma di Cooperazione ENI Italia Tunisia 2014/2020" and the... Leggi di più

Pubblic notice 2/2019 – Ranking lists of the specific objectives 2.2 – 3.1 – 3.2

With decree n. 584 / SV6 DRP of 29 September 2020, the Head of Dipartimento Regionale della Programmazione ratified the ranking lists of the specific objectives... Leggi di più

Welcome to the new website of the INTERREG V-A Italia-Malta Programme

The Programme website is now renewed in graphics and contents arrangement so to reach the citizens, the companies and all the potential beneficiaries of the programme... Leggi di più

JobMatch 2020 – WP6 – Expansion of the short list of experts

Collegio Universitario Arces, lead partner of JobMatch 2020 project, issued a call for the expansion of the short list of experts. The call is open until... Leggi di più

Jobmatch 2020 – Malta Vocational Centre – Calls for Tender

Malta Vocational Centre - MVC (partner in the Interreg Italia-Malta “JobMatch 2020” project) is issuing the following Call for Tenders: Externalisation of activities related to “WP6... Leggi di più

Natiflife – Paragone Europe Translation Services

Paragon Europe, partner of the project Natiflife, asks for a quotation for the following translations: o Translation of brochure from English to Maltese (Attachement 1) o... Leggi di più

ITAMA – Call for the creation of a web application

AcrossLimits, partner of  ITAMA project, issued a call for the creation of a web application. The call expires on 21st August 2020.

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