I.T.A.M.A.- ICT Tool per la diagnosi di malattie Autoimmuni nell’Area Mediterranea


Project in Numbers

Duration: 46 months

Start Date: 01.06.2018

End Date 31.03.2022

Partner N.: 4

Project progress:

Total Budget: 2.294.623 €
of which ERDF Contribution: 1.950.430 €

I.T.A.M.A. addresses the problem of the diagnostic delay of autoimmune diseases with specific attention to celiac disease

The project develops innovative ICT tools for health services able to anticipate the times and improve the accuracy of the diagnosis of celiac disease; avoid invasive examinations, especially in paediatric age; reduce the costs of the disease generated by the delay of the diagnosis

Expected Results:

2 Healthcare enterprises that adopt the innovative tools developed in the project

Project objective is to anticipate diagnosis times by optimizing the diagnostic path


Project activities will realize:

2 Enterprises that use the database of metadata for the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases

22000 Children in paediatric age undergo screening for celiac disease

2 Enterprises that use dedicated biomedical software and innovative systems to support the diagnosis of celiac disease

5 Enterprises using technology transfer services

To deal with the COVID-19 emergency, several European countries, including Italy and Malta, have prepared a population-screening plan using serological tests and anamnestic questionnaires, the data of which will be shared online in an open and anonymized manner.

In this new emergency context, the ITAMA project decided to take actions against the COVID-19 pandemic aiming to develop further outputs:

A Web App, online and accessible from mobile, tablet and PC and that will contain a series of questions to understand if students have symptoms that could indicate the presence of COVID-19. Based on a series of symptoms and signs, agreed with doctors and pathologists, the app will give indications on the opportunity to introduce students at school.

An e-learning platform will have educational content regarding the symptoms that may indicate the presence of the virus, indications on social distance, useful rules for protection with the use of masks and other protective clothing, useful rules for one's own hygiene.

All this can be communicated directly via email to schools and parents using the project's contact database and in general making use of the social media and the ITAMA website.

The ITAMA project is also in the best conditions to analyze public data online with the methodologies of IA, adapting its DSS and enhancing it with territorial and geographical information to process information and draw up scientific/epidemiological studies. These studies can be used for the purpose of prevention in the area and optimization of medical resources in local health structures.

Project Lead Partner

Università degli Studi di Palermo - Dipartimento di Fisica e Chimica


Project Partners

Università degli Studi di Messina - "Dip. di Patologia umana dell'adulto e dell'età evolutiva "Gaetano Barresi"

Minister of Health, Malta Health Department

AcrossLimits Ltd



    Working on an early diagnosis of celiac disease: ITAMA, a project between Malta and Sicily

    ITAMA. Lavorare a una diagnosi precoce della celiachia: un progetto tra Malta e Sicilia\working for an early diagnosis of coelic disease: a project between Malta and Sicily

    Il progetto ITAMA. Lavorare per una diagnosi precoce dei bambini celiaci\working for an early diagnosis of the coeliac disease.

    Il progetto ITAMA. Diagnosi precoce della celiachia senza esami invasivi\Early diagnosis of the coelic disease without invasive exams

    Progetto ITAMA Diagnosi precoce della celiachia senza esami invasivi\ Coeliac diagnosis without invasive exams

    Progetto ITAMA – Strumenti informatici per la diagnosi da Malattia Autoimmuni\ICT tools for the diagnosis of Autoimmune Diseases

    ITAMA. A joint project between Maltese and Italian researchers to identify coeliacs\un progetto congiunto tra ricercatori maltesi ed italiani per identificare le celiachie

    ITAMA project for research on coeliac condition among children\ITAMA project ricerca sulla celiachia tra i bambini

    ITAMA project. Primary schoolchildren to be tested for coeliac condition\ Test per la celiachia tra bambini della scuola elementare

    ITAMA project. €2 million for research on coeliac condition among children\2 milioni di € per la ricerca sulla celiaca tra i bambini

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