SiMaSeed PLUS - Salvaguardia dell'ambiente e protezione del patrimonio naturale in Sicilia e Malta attraverso la conservazione dei Semi e ripristino di specie/habitat della Rete Natura 2000

Project in Numbers

Duration: 9 mesi

Start Date: 02.01.2023

End Date: 30.09.2023

N. Partner: 3

Project progress:

Total Budge: 471.710,83 €
of which ERDF Contribution: 400.954,21 €

SiMaSeed PLUS aims to amplify the impact of the results achieved by the SiMaSeed project by putting in place activities such as:

- the integration of existing equipment with advanced technology tools to develop research on plant resilience in relation to climate change;

- the enhancement of the seed collections of the germplasm banks with species of conservation interest;

- increasing the number and provenance of lots in terms of specific and territorial diversity;

- the implementation of further in situ conservation actions with the eradication of invasive alien species, the extension and spatio-temporal replication of translocation actions;

- improving the resilience of translocated plants to climate change by inoculating indigenous mycorrhizal microorganisms into germinating seeds and the growth medium of seedlings to be transplanted, isolated from soil samples from intervention sites.

SiMaSeed PLUS intends to transfer know-how to the nursery supply chain and act as a promoter of sustainable economic development among stakeholders (takers) to support the conservation policies of local and certified flora.

SiMaSeed PLUS will benefit from a close synergy with the FAST project for the relevance of the objectives focused on nature conservation and biodiversity protection also through the "Fight against Transboundary Alien Species".

Expected results:

0.0011 square kilometers affected by actions of eradication / containment of invasive species in areas of the Natura 2000 network; 0.35 square kilometers affected by habitat redevelopment actions, strengthening / reintroduction of native populations and monitoring of activities; n. 3 interventions of integration and optimization of the equipment of the germplasm banks

The general objective of SiMaSeed PLUS is the requalification of degraded habitats in protected areas, with the eradication of invasive species, the increase of the resilience of natural populations of threatened species with strengthening/reintroduction activities, the strengthening of germplasm banks and the dissemination of the culture of protection and improvement of biodiversity

The project activities will realize:

n. 2 interventions of redevelopment of areas of the Natura 2000 network through alien eradication
n. 2 interventions to improve the structure and functionality of protected habitats of the Natura 2000 network
n. 35 ha on which activities will be carried out to strengthen populations and reintroduce endemic island species seriously threatened within areas
n. 3 interventions of integration / optimization of advanced
technology equipment and tools
n. 10 interventions to increase seed collections
n. 8 interventions of implantation of beneficial microorganisms to improve the resilience of plants to environmental stress
n. 2 seminars and workshops for the dissemination of results and good practices, open to researchers, local and regional authorities, production districts, PhDs and students
n. 3 internships / training internships for students

Project Lead Partner:

Università degli Studi di Catania - Dipartimento di Scienze biologiche, Geologiche e Ambientali

Project Partners:

University of Malta - Department of Biology, Faculty of Science

Ministry for Gozo Eco - Policy Development and Programme Implementation Directorate



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