Progetto ENISIE – Post-Covid Help Desk Launching

Post-Covid help desk of the ENISIE project offers support to companies, startups and organizations to deal with the post-COVID-19 restart.

Conceived and created by Tree srl, Impact Hub Syracuse, Malta Council For the Voluntary Sector, Malta Enterprise and Malta Innovation Hub, after the experimental phase of the Desk for recovery “Officina” which ended in March 2021, the Enisie Help Desk now offers solutions tosupport companies, startups and organizations in the delicate post-Covid-19 restart phase.

By registering on the official portal, interested realities will be able to take advantage of a series of free innovative services prototyped and developed by ENISIE partners during the project and dedicated to recovery strategies in times of COVID-19 in key areas such as marketing and communication, internationalization, access to dedicated credit instruments (banks, concessions, tenders), the redefinition of the business model.

Supported by ENISIE experts, members will be able to access a free assessment, accompaniment and support path to redesign their business model and make it more flexible with respect to the new challenges of the market, access credit, enhance their real strengths, overcome criticalities and shortcomings and seizing the new opportunities offered by the post-pandemic context.

For more info visit the website