ENISIE project post COVID-19 Help Desk

COVID-19 emergency has had an impact on enterprises’ businesses and on the development of the start-ups and of the organisations of the Sicilian and Maltese cross-border territories.

ENISIE partners have suddenly interpreted the needs arising from the new context launching a free help desk for companies: the ENISIE post-Covid Help Desk.

The Enisie Help Desk now offers free solutions to accompany companies, startups and organisations in the delicate phase of restarting after Covid-19.

By registering on the official platform, companies will be able to take advantage of a series of free innovative services prototyped and developed by ENISIE partners during the project. Subscribe here-

Innovative services will cover key areas such as marketing and communication, internationalisation, access to dedicated credit instruments (banks, facilities, calls for tenders), re-design of the business model.

The Help-Desk is now opened and avaible free with a stop and go procedure ‘till the sale of all project dedicated funding resources.

For more info visit here the project website
and here the project Facebook page.